Star Wars Convention

Star Wars Fans and Conventions

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

Star Wars is part of the popular culture in most English-speaking countries. As part of its immense popularity, it has generated a very active fan base. Additional media, like books and video games, are very popular with fans. There are also many active, recurring discussions about the story.

There is an official Star Wars convention called Star Wars Celebration. It has been held every few years on average since its debut in 1999. The most recent convention, Star Wars Celebration V, was held in 2010. They have proven to be high demand events and Lucas has indicated there will be future Celebrations.

Large science fiction conventions, such as ApolloCon and Westercon, see a significant presence of obvious Star Wars fans. Cosplay, or dressing up in character costumes, is quite popular. Stormtrooper and Princess Leia costumes are among the most common. Some fans take extreme pride in recreating very authentic costumes and looks matching the movies and story canon. You can actually find authentic Star Wars costumes here. Star Wars based events at the convention are extremely popular and quickly reach capacity.

Online fandom is a huge aspect of the Star Wars phenomena. There are several wikis, forums, and discussion lists dedicated exclusively to the Star Wars Saga. Not only is information documented, but there are also many debates about the story. One prominent example is the so-called Endor Holocaust. Some fans state when the second Death Star is destroyed, the falling debris from the planetoid-sized space weapon would wipe out life on the forest moon. Others rebut this assertion with numerous alternative explanations. The arguments are often quite in-depth and carefully reasoned.

The Star Wars Saga has a massive, active fan following. Conventions and online discussion form a major part of the fan phenomena. Given the continuing popularity and cultural importance of Star Wars, the number of fans will continue to grow in the future.