Star Wars Kinect

LucasArts hasn’t been talking much about its upcoming Star Wars Kinect Game since Microsoft revealed it at last E3. The game, which was shown at the company’s Cirque Du Soleil event, featured a Jedi landing on a planet’s surface and then using the force and his lightsaber to annihilate a group of stormtroopers. The demo ended with a face-to-face confrontation with Darth Vader himself. That alone looked pretty interesting, but it looks as though there’s more to the experience.

According to Kotaku, a survey has been circulating that contains previously unannounced details of the Star  Wars Kinect. In addition to the on-the-ground combat, it looks as though players will be able to hop into the seat of a Pod Racer and steer it with a make-believe steering wheel. Another part has players stepping into the leathery skin of a Rancor and stomping enemies.

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