Luke Skywalker and his father Darth Vader

Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi is the conclusion of the Star Wars Saga. Luke Skywalker has been working to become a Jedi Knight since the events of the last film. His powers and discipline have greatly advanced. He formulates a plan with his friends to rescue Han Solo. Princess Leia first sneaks in to Jabba’s den, disguised as a bounty hunter. When going to free Han in the middle of the night, she is caught and enslaved by the Hutt.

Luke Skywalker walks in to Jabba’s den days later, openly acknowledging his identity and allowing himself to be captured. He provides Jabba with a warning that goes unheeded. Jabba overconfidently sentences Han Solo and Skywalker to a showy death. A major fight breaks out, with both Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett meeting their deaths.

While his friends meet up with the Rebel Alliance, Luke flies back to Yoda for his final training. However, he finds Yoda dying of old age. The old Jedi Master tells Luke that Darth Vader is indeed his father and the Leia is his twin sister.

The Rebels discover the Galactic Empire is building a second Death Star. It is a weapon considerably more massive and powerful than the original design. It is orbiting the moon-world of Endor, protected by a massive energy shield. Luke returns and joins the Rebel team sneaking to the surface to shatter the Death Star’s protection.

In the forests of Endor, the primitive Ewoks capture Luke and Leia. They are short, furry creatures with a tribal, fae-like culture. The golden appearance of C-3PO makes the Ewoks believe the droid to be a god. Under his orders, the Ewoks release Luke and Leia.

Luke turns himself in to the Imperial Stormtroopers, so he may confront Darth Vader. Vader is uncharacteristically subdued and delivers Luke to the Emperor. When Luke refuses to turn to the Dark Side of the Force, he is cruelly tortured by the Emperor Darth Sidious.

In space, the Rebel forces are losing the battle. The shielding prevents them from dealing the blow they need to win. However, on the moon the Rebel forces successfully disarm the shields keeping the Death Star safe, allowing the space forces to take the upper hand. An Alliance victory looks assured.

Luke seems to be dying and pleads for help. Vader, in that moment, remembers the love of his family and friends. He realizes that the Emperor has manipulated and used him. Darth Vader steps between his son and the older Sith Lord. At the cost of his own life, he kills the Emperor. Vader is Anakin once again and though dying, he is happy to die a man and free from the clutches of the Dark Side.

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